Welcome to the new website

At last the new website has arrived

The pre-patched releases can be found under VISUAL NOVELS.

The info on our visual novel pages is more or less taken straight off Fuwanovel's novels section, as it was when they stopped hosting downloads a while ago. This means it might not be up to date in all cases. If you find something wrong, we would really appreciate it if you told us using our commenting feature. The same goes for any download that uses an old patch version or you know has a serious bug.

We will try to keep up to date and publish new translations, pre-patched as usual.

Concerning the releases

In the future we will consider promoting the links to stand-alone patches at the same level as our pre-patched releases and leave the religious choice of pre-patched or not up to the consumers. In the mean time each visual novel page links to its translation team's website, where you can often find the latest translation patch.

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