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Tags:  yaoi ADV
Company:  parade
Release Date:  28 Jun 2013
Translation Date:  27 Feb 2015

This summer vacation begins with a car accident...

Our protagonist protects a man from an out of control car, but gets hit and loses his memory in the process. The man he saved happens to be the owner of a jazz bar, sótano. Out of sympathy for his hapless savior, the man decides to set him up with a job and a place to live.

From the outside, sótano looks like a cozy little jazz bar, but behind the scenes they solve problems that the police and legitimate detective agencies won’t touch. The staff there give our protagonist the name "Haru". He gradually makes his way deeper into the organization, and the hearts and lives of the staff, while working as an apprentice bartender. But just who is Haru really...?

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Waiting for Godot (not verified) on Tue, 2017-08-29 04:26

I've been trying to download this for about a week now, and I'm still sitting at 0.0%. :'( If someone could possibly seed this, it would be very much appreciated.

Komi's picture
Komi on Wed, 2017-09-13 06:39

Hello, and welcome to mofumoe :) I apologize, but if you can just be patient, I am sure someone will pop up with the file. The admins (myself included), have been pretty busy lately. But, you will have to wait for someone to come around who has this visual novel. That is the best advice I can currently give. It's always best to spread the word on this site, so that other people may come along and that will encourage others to share the visual novels that they have. I apologize for any inconvenience :(


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