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First, I just wanted to apologize. I haven't been on in awhile because we ended up moving and I had a lot of packing to do. I had to get a new ID because I am now a new resident in my new location! ^_^

I also had to order a lot of merchandise because I am going to be running a business soon (I wont get into detail on that since I am not here to advertise).

Then I had to get paperwork down and change my mailing address. Let me tell you what it's like moving from a dry heat to a humid environment V_V But, I do enjoy the weather way more out here! It's very nice where I now live. I am sorry if I am giving vague detail on all of that. I can't disclose too much personal info openly.

So, it took days to unpack and set the new house up. We had to get the internet installed, get the utilities turned on, etc... So, that took awhile.

Currently I am still somewhat busy, but the worst is over. I will do my best to answer questions and to help those in need.

We are always open to interview those who can translate Japanese to English. We don't want just any translation. We want to make sure it is as precise as we can get to an official translation. We don't want lazy translations or incomplete translations. We need people who don't mind putting in time and effort. We do this for fun, not to gain any kind of profit. We are here to enjoy visual novels. For those of you who do not know me, I apologize. I work alongside the admin, monitoring and evaluating comments. I'm pretty easy going and laid back. I don't sit there banning, I just don't accept comments that relate to garbage or advertisements. Anyways, feel free to keep in touch and ask questions. The owner of this site is a busy man, so I will do my best to back him up 100 percent!

Thanks again for checking out our site. Keep in touch and if you are good at translating, we can use you as our translator! ^_^


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