Mofumoe.org is a visual novel repository.

That is we provide translated visual novels and our aim is to be updated and cover them all.
We started off early 2015, when fuwanovel.org (now .net) stopped hosting torrents. They were missed by many so our mission is to keep hosting them and try to keep an updated visual novel repository.

We provide the choice of pre-patched and game+translation patch, leaving the choice up to you on new releases.

Q/A 1: This amazing visual novel just got translated, why aren't you covering it?

We really appreciate reminders about releases we've missed, please use the contact submission form.
However, we take a clear stance against machine translation and won't cover it.

Machine translation spoils the original work and makes it much more unlikely for a real translation of the game to be released

If a certain VN has both commercial releases and fan-translations, we cover the fan-translated ones.

Q/A 2: Can you translate <insert Visual Novel>?

No, I don't have the time, the will nor the energy to translate a full Visual Novel. And I'm not a native speaker, sorry you're asking the wrong guy.